Time tested seminars that deliver results.

Whittona R. Burrell
Program Coordinator
US Census Bureau

"I believe the presentation was a big hit mainly because Mr. Murphy made every aspect relevant to what we do, right down to the small details of the practice exercises." 

Joy Rogers
City of Dayton, Ohio

"The city of Dayton's workforce is undergoing a dramatic change in becoming a high performance organization and you have played an important role in our developing new skills to reach our unique goals." 

Darren Murphy effects change in organizations by changing the way employees think and act. His philosophy is to create a better individual, a more effective individual. This in turns creates a better organization, a more effective organization. This is not rocket science, but is too often overlooked. A business either succeeds or fails because of the accumulated daily thoughts and actions of its people. It's not about business processes, it's about people. And that is where Darren Murphy steps in.

Proven, straightforward benefits...

Your employees become more team oriented
          Your company becomes more profitable

Your employees become more communicative
          Your company becomes more profitable

Your employees become more productive
          Your company becomes more profitable

Your employees become more efficient
          Your company becomes more profitable

These benefits are simple, 
powerful and immediate.

Now, a few questions for you...

Do you experience:
Employees with minimal communications skills?
Employees looking for opportunities to create conflict?
Employees who thrive on confrontation? 

Would you like:
Employees who follow the Golden Rule?
Employees who look to enhance the Golden Rule?
Employees who are advocates for the company?
Employees who look for opportunities to create new customers and new business?

Are you presently:
A referee?
A hall monitor?
A surrogate parent?

If you have answered yes, Darren Murphy can help you. 

What if you had a team who clearly knew their purpose, who clearly communicated with purpose and who clearly served your customers with purpose. This is the solution Darren Murphy provides. If you had a team like that working for you, it would allow you to move your company forward, allowing you to search out new customers and new business opportunities. Call Darren today to learn more about creating a solid foundation based on positive, fully-functioning employees.



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